Young Healthwatch - dedicated to giving young people a voice in Swindon

Giving young people a voice in Swindon!
Group of young people

We are working to set up a Young Healthwatch as dedicated team of volunteers and core Healthwatch Swindon staff, committed to listening to young people about what they think of local health and care services and finding out if they meet their needs.

We want all young people living, working, or studying in the area to feel supported by local services so that they can always find the support they need. If you are 16-25 get in touch

We do this by:

  • Raising awareness of the different issues that affect young people
  • Reaching out to young people in our area, gathering their views on issues that matter to them
  • Providing information and resources about local and national support services
  • Collaborating with local leaders to improve our local health and social care services
  • Developing our team of volunteers, offering training and support to develop their skills as we build our understanding of local issues.

What’s in it for me?

It is an excellent opportunity to develop key skills such as communication, team work, public speaking and project management. You will gain invaluable experience of the health and social care and voluntary sectors – ideal experience to enhance your CV and/or university application.

Young Healthwatchers across the country have gone on to various careers in healthcare, such as medicine, social care, nursing, dentistry, care work, research projects, policy work as well as becoming social media campaigners.

But best of all you’ll have new opportunities to meet new like-minded young people and socialise!

If you would like to get involved contact us!

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