Chief Executive - Morgan Daly

Morgan is Interim CEO of The Care Forum, which delivers the Healthwatch Swindon contract, as well as other services  in the voluntary sector, such as social prescribing and advocacy. Morgan has been with The Care Forum since 2013 and is enthused by problem-solving and innovation.

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Our staff

Vanessa  Scott - Projects Portfolio Manager: Healthwatch Bath & North East Somerset & Healthwatch Swindon

Vanessa is the manager of Healthwatch Swindon and Healthwatch Bath and North East Somerset.  

Vanessa has worked on both projects before this as Communications Officer, as well as on Healthwatch Bristol and South Gloucestershire until October 2019.  She also volunteers for Autism Independence, 5x15 Bristol, and also set up a local film festival in London before moving to the South West in 2017.

Healthwatch provides a valuable service to those that are using the health and social care services in Swindon and we are working with community groups and individuals to ensure that all voices are heard.

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Jo Osorio - Development Officer

Jo has been living and working in Swindon for over thirty years, so on a personal level he and his family have had plenty of experience of local health and care services. As our development officer, he’s working to ensure local people do have their voices heard by the people who plan and those who provide services.

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Alex Parker - Volunteer Support Officer

Alex has recently joined the team and previously worked for The Alzheimer’s Society and Swindon Borough Council in the Health Hub.

She has lived in Swindon virtually all her life and lives here with her husband and two small children. Her big passions in life are singing and baking/cooking (but not at the same time!). Alex also loves cycling and traveling when she can.

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Jim Hogg - Independent NHS Complaints Advocate

Jim has worked with Healthwatch Swindon since 2015 as Independent NHS Complaints Advocate. In a previous life, Jim worked for the NHS for almost three decades.

Working as an advocate, Jim finds satisfaction in helping to create common understanding through empowering individuals to be heard and helping the health services to be aware of concerns.

Jim believes that helping one person helps the many through a chain reaction. Sharing an example, he said, “If we change the corporate wording of one complaint response letter to remove jargon and confusing medical terminology, it does not just help that individual but changes the template for future correspondence.”

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Emma Smith - Communications Administrator

Emma recently joined the team as Communication Administrator. She has varied experience in community and charity projects, from dog walking to hosting writing groups. In her spare time, Emma loves to explore the vast countryside and parks that surround Swindon via all means possible: walking, running, and cycling. If she could have a superpower it would be navigation, Emma said, "I know my way around a website, but when it comes to directions, I am quite literally lost."

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Our volunteers

  • Alan Bunn
  • Alison Evans
  • Andrea Hague
  • Bhama Krishnamurthy
  • David Bartlett
  • George Cahill
  • Glenn Harris
  • Harry Dale
  • Joe Backshell
  • John Walsh
  • Kerry Smith
  • Maria Corless
  • Mark Court
  • Moya Pinson
  • Nazma Ramruttan
  • Norma Thompson
  • Paul Greensmith
  • Pauline Edwards
  • Philip Murphy
  • Sonia De Blaquiere
  • Steve Barnes
  • Tammy Peapell