Resources to help you make a complaint

As the COVID-19 pandemic places unprecedented pressure on services, many health and social care providers have temporarily suspended complaints processing to allow staff to be redeployed to the frontline response. You are still entitled to make a complaint, but it may take longer than usual to receive an outcome.

We know that making a complaint about NHS or social care services can be confusing.

We have also worked with Citizens Advice to provide you with other information you may need to make a complaint when things go wrong.

Other health and social care services in Swindon:

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Tips and tools for making a complaint

Adult social care complaints

To complain about adult social care services in Swindon you will need to contact Swindon Borough Council.

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NHS Complaints Advocacy Service

If you need help making a complaint about an NHS services you have used, get in touch with VoiceAbility, who provide the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service for Swindon.

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GP complaints

Find out where to start if you have a problem with your GP. 

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NHS dentist complaints

Find out how to make a complaint about NHS dental care.

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NHS Hospital complaints

This information applies to all patients in NHS hospitals. It also applies if you're being treated in a private hospital when the treatment is funded by the NHS.

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Mental health services complaints

If you’re unhappy about your treatment for a mental health problem, you may be able to make a complaint. 

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Other NHS services

NHS care is usually very good and most people don’t have any problems. But occasionally things can go wrong. Find out more about complaints about other services.

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Find out information about how a staff member can report a problem in the NHS or an adult social care service

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