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What we do 

We have the power to 'Enter and View' providers of health and social care, such as hospitals, care homes and dentists, and to observe and report on how those services are being run.

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How we work

We gather intelligence throughout the year from members of the public through surveys, 'tell us your story' leaflets, attending local events and meetings and from our volunteer team. We take our findings to our Advisory Group where we plan our Enter and View visits based on the information we receive about NHS and Health and Social Care services in Swindon.

Our reports

We have the statutory power to carry out Enter and View visits to any NHS funded service or social care provider in Swindon. During these visits we will look at things such as accessibility, cleanliness and safeguarding, as well as speaking to patients and staff about their experiences there. Our findings are then put into a report and shared with the service, commissioners and the public.

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Authorised representatives

Only Authorised Representatives can undertake Enter and View visits and only for the purpose of carrying out the activities of Healthwatch Swindon.

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What happens on an Enter and View visit?

Read our case study about Enter and View visits. In this our Volunteer Support Officer, Sam Baker, talks about our visit to a dental practice, which we carried out with Swindon Advocacy Movement. The purpose of this visit was to look at the service from the perspective of someone with a learning disability.

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