Community Pot 2020/21: Swindon SEND Families Voice Survey Report

Late in 2019 we invited bids from non-profit organisations in Swindon for a small amount of funding to undertake a survey with their contacts or members.Swindon SEND Families Voices was one of the recipients of this fund. Find out more.
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Five organisations were selected by our Advisory Group to receive funding from our community pot, one of which was Swindon SEND Families Voices.

A standard survey was developed with their involvement and was adjusted slightly to acknowledge the specific differences of its remit.

One of the requirements of receiving the funding was to ensure that 100 people had participated in the survey. In the end 102 parent carers from Swindon SEND Families Voices shared their views on health and social care with us.

Key findings

  • Few participants make GP appointments online.
  • People’s experiences of the same service varies greatly – from much appreciation to extreme frustration.
  • SEND Families Voice observe that the survey did not bring up any surprises. “One thing positive about Swindon is that we seem to know where it isn't working well a lot of the time. The fact that people have conflicting experiences from the same services came out in the Annual SEND Survey the group did with the Swindon Borough Council too.” They believe it shows the services aren't providing a consistent enough service.
  • There is frustration at the length of time it takes to make appointments and see clinicians and have assessments undertaken
  • Waiting lists are such a big concern, however this is also a priority on the Swindon Borough Council Written Statement of Action so there should be some improvement.
  • Mental health services should be a priority - especially TaMHS and CAMHS.


You can find out more about what we heard in our final report.

If you need this report in a different format, please email or call 01793 497 777.

Swindon SEND Families Voices Survey Report

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