Swindon Polish Catholic Mission Survey

This impact report outlines our findings after we spoke to members of the Swindon Polish community to ask their views of health and social care and accessing services.
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Healthwatch Swindon worked in collaboration with the Polish community to reach a significant number of people from whom we otherwise do not hear and whose views may not otherwise be taken into account by the commissioners and providers of health and social care services. One of the aims of the survey was to ascertain if the language needs of those participating was being met.

Key findings

  • Overall the findings were good with the majority of respondents saying they managed well on their own or that services were meeting their language needs well
  • Issues were raised about the ease of being able to get an appointment with a GP


If you need this report in a different format, please email info@healthwatchswindon.org.uk or call 01793 497 777.

Swindon Polish Catholic Mission Survey

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