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Swindon's Marlborough Road GP practice closing


The GP practice in Marlborough Road, Swindon is closing by the end of March 2014.  Dr Rohlfing has written to patients saying "...I have explored all options for the  future and have decided that running the practice at 143 Marlborough Road is no longer viable...."  See the full letter here.  About 2000 people affected by the closure are being asked to register with another GP.

The Swindon Advertiser reports this story here.

NHS England Area Team has advised Healthwatch Swindon:

"Dr Rohlfing contacted NHS England at the end of December 2013, tendering his resignation from his contract.  Dr Rohlfing is a single-handed contractor, with a list of 2000 patients.  The list has reduced significantly in recent years (3100 patients in 2005).  Prior to making his decision, Dr Rohlfing had explored the possibilities of going into partnership with another local practice, but this has not been possible.  At the same time as Dr Rohlfings contract ends, the landlord of the current premises has decided not to renew the lease. In these situations, it is necessary for us to disperse the patient list of the contract holder, by asking patients to register with another practice.  We agreed the letter to go out to patients with Dr Rohlfing, which included details of 11 local practices that patients can register with.  Inevitably, some practices have more capacity to accept new patients that others and we placed those with most capacity at the top of the list.  The two main areas that Dr Rohlfings patients live in are Marlborough Road/Lawn and Covingham/Dorcan Way.

The four practices nearest to Marlborough Road have already received a large number of enquiries about registration.  They are taking on as many patients as they can and we are working with them and the other practices to manage the significant increased workload of registering new patients.  As you will appreciate, most practices only have a small number of new registrations to deal with each week and all the practices concerned are having to arrange additional short-term administrative and clinical capacity to manage this.  There are still other practices across town that cover this area and are willing to accept new patients.

Dr Rohlfing and his team have been advising their patients that they will continue to see them up until the end of March.  They are also working with their most vulnerable patients to ensure that they have repeat prescriptions in place, to cover their period of transition to a new practice."

NHS England add "The practice names are provided in the list below.  Marlborough Road Surgery has two main concentrations of patients; one in the Marlborough Road/Lawns area and the other in the Covingham/Dorcan Way area).  The practices on this list all cover one or more of those areas.  As with all surgeries some patients live considerably outside of the obvious catchment areas, but they will be covered by these surgeries and others in town.

"Many patients are attempting to register at Hermitage Surgery and Lawn Medical Centre, which are the two closest to Marlborough Road Surgery.  Both practices are attempting to process the sudden influx of applicants, but at the moment some delays in accepting and processing the applications must be considered inevitable.  We encourage patients to approach the other practices on the list.  The practices that have expressed most interest in increasing their list sizes are:

  • Victoria Cross Surgery
  • Nythe Surgery
  • Kingswood Surgery
  • Eldene Surgery

For each practice we have also provided the link to a website showing the area of that practice.  If patients are unable to use the internet they should call the practice that they are interested in for details of their area.

VICTORIA CROSS SURGERY 01793 535584 168/169 Victoria Road,, Swindon, SN1 3BU Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/VictoriaCrossSurgery.pdf

NYTHE SURGERY 01793 522479  5 Keble Close, Nythe, Swindon, SN3 3NN Note: This is the branch surgery of Victoria Cross Surgery, above. Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/VictoriaCrossSurgery.pdf

ELDENE SURGERY 01793 522710 Colingsmead, Eldene, Swindon, SN3 3TQ Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/EldeneSurgery.pdf

KINGSWOOD SURGERY 01793 534699 Kingswood Avenue, Park North, Swindon, SN3 2RJ Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/KingswoodSurgery_ii.pdf

PRIORY ROAD SURGERY From 26/02/14 01793 688744 Park South, Swindon, SN3 2EZ (Until  26/02/14 08444 778643 or 01793 651031 Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/PrioryRoadSurgery_ii.pdf

WHALEBRIDGE PRACTICE 01793 692933 Swindon Health Centre, Carfax Street, Swindon, SN1 1ED Note: This practice is the one upstairs in the Health Centre. Lifts are available. Area map:  http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/WhalebridgePractice_ii.pdf

CARFAX NHS MEDICAL CENTRE 01793 541655 Swindon Health Centre, Carfax Street, Swindon, SN1 1ED Note: This practice is on the ground floor in the Health Centre Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/CarfaxNHSMedicalCentre.pdf

HAWTHORN MEDICAL CENTRE 01793 536541 May Close, Cricklade Road, Swindon, SN2 1UU Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/HawthorneMedicalCentre.pdf

LAWN MEDICAL CENTRE 01793 536515 Guildford Avenue, The Lawns, Swindon, SN3 1JL Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/LawnMedicalCentre_ii.pdf

HERMITAGE SURGERY 01793 522492 Dammas Lane, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3EF Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/HermitageSurgery.pdf

MOREDON MEDICAL CENTRE 01793 342000 Moredon Road, Swindon, SN2 2JG Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/MoredonSurgery.pdf

ELDENE HEALTH CENTRE 01793 480111 Eldene, Swindon, SN3 3RZ Area map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/EldeneHealthCentre.pdf

MERCHISTON SURGERY 01793 823307 Highworth Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4BF Area Map: http://www.maiden.gov.uk/shareddocs/GPCatchments/swindon/MerchistonSurgery_ii.pdf

We will be pleased to hear at Healthwatch Swindon from any patients who are having any difficulty dealing with this situation.


Marlborough Road GP Practice closure letter


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