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If you have used the Emergency Department or have been an inpatient at GWH since 1 March 2021 we want to hear from you.
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We are working in partnership with our colleagues from Healthwatch West Berkshire and Healthwatch Wiltshire to find out from you what is working well and what could be improved at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

From 1 July we will be launching two online surveys for people who have either been inpatients or have used the Emergency Department since 1 March 2021. Both surveys will be open until 31 July. We will also be carrying out some visits to the Trust from 5 to 11 July so come and speak to us if you want to share your views.

We want to know from you what aspects of the care you have received have worked well and what you think could be better to help the Trust improve the service they give to their patients.

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Emergency Department Survey

Inpatient Survey

If you or someone you know needs help completing the surveys please get in touch with us.

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