Services and volunteers unite to support NHS rollout of life saving vaccine

NHS staff working across Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon, and Wiltshire to deliver the lifesaving coronavirus vaccine have been given a helping hand on the frontline by local fire crews, volunteers, and military personnel.
Mr and Mrs Van Mussenbrook, Bath Racecourse.jpg

Mr and Mrs Van Mussenbrook, Bath Racecourse

Avon & Wiltshire Fire Rescue staff have swapped the station for the racecourse by being on hand to support with marshalling in Bath. While the Armed Forces have been working alongside NHS colleagues administering the life-saving vaccine.

At the centre, we will be providing marshalling assistance, signposting our communities to where they need to go, ensuring social distancing is maintained and we will be monitoring general welfare in the immediate period after an individual has been vaccinated. We consider it a privilege to be able to help our communities and support our emergency service colleagues.
— David Hodges, Temporary Area Manager, Avon Fire & Rescue Service,

Alongside the service personnel, uniformed and volunteer colleagues have also have lent their support to the teams based at the new large vaccination centres in Bath and Salisbury. 

Megan Muirhead, Leading Hand, Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service, shared the positive impact that the support has on the teams and the vaccination efforts:

“It feels so good to be working alongside the community volunteers and NHS staff who are working so hard and successfully to achieve the goal, and I feel privileged to be a small part of that."

Further information about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, including a detailed list of frequently asked questions, can be found online at
More information about the vaccine itself can be found at

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