Dental charge freeze ends causing price thaw and increase

A six-month freeze on dental charges brought on by the first wave of the pandemic is due to end next month. In turn, patients will see a rise in dental fees across all NHS Dental Practices as part of a five-year spending review plan.
Dentist with patient

The rise comes on the final year of the Spending Review commitment to annually uplift dental patient charges by 5% for the duration of the Review period.

Dental charges will increase all three bands by the following amounts: 

Band 1 will increase by £1.10 to £23.80 

Band 2 will increase by £3.10 to £65.20

Band 3 will increase by £13.50 to £282.80

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The Government has announced that the National Health Service dental patient charges in England will increase from Monday 14th December 2020.

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