New quiet room at Great Western Hospital to provide space for families to think and reflect

A new quiet room has opened at the Great Western Hospital to provide a calming space for families to receive and understand potentially upsetting news about their pregnancy journeys and baby’s.
Great Western Hospital entrance

National charity SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death charity) has worked alongside staff at the hospital’s maternity outpatient unit and local woman Ceri Crannis to create the room.

A bereaved mother herself, Ceri, has been the driving force behind the project ensuring that patients who receive often devastating news have a quiet space to think and reflect, away from the usual clinical environments.

Ceri who raised funds in memory of her daughter, Poppy, shared her joy on raising £5623.25 for the quiet room and the importance of detail when decorating the room. 

"We were thrilled to raise £5263.25 for the quiet room and I have carefully chosen all aspects of the room to ensure the finer details are just right for those that find themselves in a similar situation to what I went through."

“The quiet room is now the ideal caring and private space away from the busy outpatients department for families to digest such news and plan their next steps.
— Ceri Crannis

The quiet room was officially opened on Wednesday 14 October by Chief Executive, Kevin McNamara, and Chief Nurse, Julie Marshman. 

Kevin McNamara said, 

“It was a privilege for me to be able to open this important space that some of our families really need. The clinical environment is not right for people who are receiving such sad news.

It is a huge credit to all those involved in the creation of this space and my thanks goes to them all."

A special thank you to Ceri for focusing such efforts on creating this space so other families can be better supported in the future." 

The quiet room contains hard-wearing furniture, mugs that encourage you to hold them with both hands, copies of the ‘baby loss guide books’ to offer support, and a sofa and chair designed to capture a hug.

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