STEAM vaccination - what to expect for patients with physical and neurodiverse disabilities

As the COVID vaccination efforts continue at STEAM, we look at what reasonable adjustments have been made to help patients with physical and neurodiverse disabilities.
Lady in wheelchair

For both patients and carers, it is important to know that when visiting STEAM for COVID-19 vaccinations that there is support and facilities available to assist the process. 

Information explaining the facilities and steps that have been taken to improve the service for patients with disabilities and neurodiverse disabilities are available in the booking area via posters and television screens.

  • Reduced waiting times by facilitating quicker access to the vaccination tables
  • Quiet waiting areas on the sides and back of the vaccination room
  • Minimal medical equipment on show
  • Distraction techniques
  • TV announced advice and support
  • Signing e.g. Makaton made available through the IPAD
  • Avoiding long medical words
  • Wheelchair lanes
  • Disabled toilets
  • Images to facilitate conversations
  • Best Interests discussion

If you feel that you or someone you are caring for requires extra support, please inform staff at the booking area at the entrance.

This enables the staff at the vaccination site to help people be more confident about having the vaccine.  

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