A guide to Video Consultation with the NHS in various languages

The last year has seen a great deal of change in the provision of health and social care services. Both patients and health care professionals have had to adapt how we communicate. Here, we provide a quick guide to one-way - video consultations.

Video consultation is an efficient and effective way for both health care professionals and patients to communicate with each other in a time when face-to-face interaction is not desirable. They not only benefit the NHS but the patient as they reduce cost, stress, and time spent on appointments.

However, for many, the prospect of a video consultation can be daunting as they may have questions about the security or how to conduct the call. 

To combat this, the NHS has produced video animations in various languages to help you and your loved ones understand the process. 


NHS Video consultation

Links to NHS video consultation in various languages are available here:

Additionally, there is a video using BSL language.

NHS patient quick guide

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