I'm experiencing domestic abuse - where can I go for support?

With a surge in cases of domestic violence because of the Covid-19 lockdown we have put together some information about where you can get information and support. Read more.
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Since the Coronavirus lockdown there has been a surge in reported domestic abuse cases across the country.

We have put together a list of local and nationwide organisations to help you if you or a loved one are experiencing domestic abuse.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is not always physical violence. It can also include, but is not limited to:

  • coercive control and ‘gaslighting’
  • economic abuse
  • online abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse

There is no excuse for this whatever the circumstances.

Where can I find help?

Local organisations in Swindon:

Nationwide Organisations:

The Gov.Uk website has information and links to other organisations across the country.

Emergency Services

If you think you are at risk of harm please call 999.

Make Yourself Heard - The ‘Silent Solution’ system

The ‘Silent Solution’ system enables a 999 caller to inform the police that they are in a genuine emergency without having to speak to the operator.

If you need help urgently, but if you are too scared or unable to make a noise or speak, you can:

  1. Dial 999
  2. Listen to the questions from the 999 operator
  3. Respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can
  4. If prompted by the call operator, press 55. This lets the operator know it's a genuine emergency and you'll be put through to the police.

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