Patient Participation Group (PPG) Forum

Our work with Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) at GP surgeries includes support to individual groups and the development of PPGs, over a number of years, and our PPG forum brings representatives from surgeries together.
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We have been instrumental in supporting PPGs throughout Swindon and worked with NHS England to develop a national guide to help establish, implement and maintain an effective PPG.

The guide is a simple framework to support PPGs, working with practice staff, to hear the views of the broadest spectrum of patients and help to improve everyone's experience of the care they receive. The framework was launched in July 2015. 

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

  • A PPG is a group of patients of a surgery, usually working with a member of staff, who want to help it work as well as it can for patients, doctors and staff.
  • As a patient, parent, carer or friend that has visited the surgery, your experiences matter and can bring different ideas to how the surgery considers patients.
  • You could also support the surgery to gather other feedback from patients to identify areas for discussion or improvements.
  • PPGs can meet regularly at the surgery and can also exist as "virtual" groups using email networks and social media.
  • For further information about PPGs or to find out if your surgery has one, contact us or speak to your surgery.

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We share all of our meeting notes, presentations slides and agendas so you can find out more about what has been discussed during each meeting.

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PPG Framework

This framework has been developed through a project funded by NHS England Regional Insight Team and led by Healthwatch Swindon PPG Forum in partnership with Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group and with support from the Local NHS England Area Team.


Terms of Reference

Read our Terms of Reference which gives an overview of what a PPG is, explains our purpose, our membership, the frequency of meetings, arrangements for forum meetings, as well as our accountability and reporting.

Please note these were reviewed and agreed in November 2019.